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Newly Released CD, February 2015!
Inner Quiet – Journey Inward
featuring Harp, Flute, Glass Armonica, Singing Bowls – Instruments chosen for their relaxing, healing qualities
Perfect aid to enjoy a healing environment, gain peace, reduce stress, release tension

Listen to Inner Quiet excerpt with Harp, Flute, and Glass Armonica (more excerpts below)
To listen to the entire selection accompanied by beautiful photography, watch this youtube.
celia canty cd cover, front, 300 dpi, final 01-19-2015This CD is intended to be listened to as an aural musical journey. The compositions flow one to another, creating a movement through Western music’s twelve major tonalities, seamlessly representing the steps of a journey seeking the inner quiet that only music may bring.
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Because it represents a spiritual journey, the compositions have their own unique character.
* The tempo of each varies, but most are slower than average heart beat rate to assist in providing relief from stress, release of tension while listening
* The music is lyrical, rhythmic and has form and harmony
* Some pieces’ textures are rich, some simple
* Some flow like water, one has an Asian feel, one a Native American feel
* Three selections feature familiar public domain tunes to be discovered by you

Listen to harp solo portion of Peaceful (excerpt):

Listen to another complete harp solo, Falls of Yosemite, accompanied by beautiful photography in this youtube.


celia canty cd cover, back, 300 dpi, without upc, final 01-19-2015

Click on the CD cover to enlarge and read track titles

Harp, Flute, Glass Armonica, and Singing Bowls were used to perform the 19 selections
* There are seven harp solos; harp is featured with other instruments in ten pieces
* Glass Armonica is present in eight selections, including one solo
* Nine selections feature flute in combination with harp and/or glass armonica
* Four selections are underscored by the tones of a crystal singing bowl

Listen to Mountain Message excerpt with Singing Bowls and Glass Armonica

The Instruments are chosen for their relaxing, healing qualities
* The harp is considered the oldest of all string instruments and for centuries has been used to relax and bring cellular healing to the listener
* The glass armonica, since its invention by Benjamin Franklin in 1761, has been associated with the ethereal, the angelic realm, the purity of quartz crystal
* The crystal singing bowl has been used extensively and successfully by one of New York’s top oncology physicians as complementary “medicine” to his traditional western approach
* The flute, especially as played by Debra, provides a flowing, expressive, soothing quality riding on breath that caresses the ear and soul

Listen to Lead Me (Ashland Rondo) excerpt featuring Flute and Glass Armonica

What Celia brings to the compositions & recording

* Years of harp performance, especially of service in the cancer ward of Maui’s hospital, plus 1.5 years of hospice harp service in Oregon
* Years of glass armonica practice & performance
* A deep love & metaphysical study of the subtler “hues” of music’s gifts to us all
* An esoteric understanding of tonality
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