Maui Harp Music for Many Occasions

As a harpist on Maui, I enjoy playing for many types of events… of course, I enjoy the many Maui weddings and the Lana’i ones, too! I have also been fortunate to also provide music for a wide variety of other occasions, from local fundraisers for such as the Pacific Cancer Foundation to open houses for real estate agents, from Christmas parties to Mother’s Day at the Kea Lani. Recently, I played for Wailuku First Friday – April 1 – for Swan Interiors. It was wonderful providing elegant music in such an elegant interior design-furniture store. They have the most wonderful people working there and the owner, Kristin Holmes, absolutely LOVES what she does and it shows in her store and all of her interior design work.

Heavenly Harps provides music for First Friday in Wailuku

Heavenly Harps - part of First Friday in Wailuku


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