Looking for music for a romantic special event?

Our most popular categories for weddings and other romantic interludes are: Wedding Music; Love Songs; Hawaiian; Classical; Sacred; Popular; also consider the NEW Light & Relaxing category.

Planning a corporate, business or professional function?

Our most popular categories for business and professional functions are Inspirational, Light & Relaxing, Popular Standards, Patriotic, Hawaiian, Classical, and Popular. Also consider Love Songs and Christmas.

This is just a sampling. If you have a particular song in mind, please inquire about it!

All Requests from this list need to be received at least 1 week before your event. I want to give you my very best performance.

Special Requests not on this list need to be received at least 2 weeks before your event and are subject to an additional fee due to time involved in learning. All requests are subject to consideration of adaptability to the harp.

ALL songs are available on the Gold Symphonic Pedal Harp (S).

Beach repertoire (B) is limited to what I have memorized.

I am able to provide vocals while I play (V) (available for a nominal fee) and some Hawaiian songs may be sung in Hawaiian or English.

See the matrix below for more specific information about which songs are available on which instrument or with Vocals. Look for the letter codes (S, B, V).

Listen to Samples!
Recordings by Soundwave Recording, Billy Arbour

For suggestions on choosing your wedding music, be sure to read How to Select Your Wedding Music.

We have samples of songs sung for a Nuptial Mass performed by a professional soprano along with the harp.

We have samples of a trio performance of harp, violin and cello as marked. Listen to the lush sound of harp, violin, and cello on “Time to Say Goodbye,” “From This Moment On,” and more.

We have samples of duets, harp and flute, or harp and violin, as marked. Check out “Hawaiian Wedding Song” or “Days of Wine and Roses” in the Standards section.

We have a quartet sample of harp, violin, flute, and cello of “The Rejoicing.”

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