Royal Wedding – Available on Maui!

I didn’t know I’d get so excited to watch some of the Royal Wedding – but I did! I loved the elegance and detail and the special touches that came with the day. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful gown and I loved the couple’s second kiss on the balcony!

What was really special tho’ was that they had the Royal Harpist, Claire Jones, play for the several hundred guests at their luncheon that followed their fabulous morning wedding. Claire is sometimes known as Prince Charles’ Golden Girl, as he is responsible for reinstating the centuries-old post of Royal Harpist after a lapse of nearly 100 years. Claire is a beautiful harpist with an amazing harp. Interesting that my harp, having been built in 1913, is about as old as the last time they’d had a Royal Harpist until the reinstatement in 2007…

Claire Jones, Royal Harpist

You, too, can have a beautiful gold harp played for your Maui wedding ceremony; and not only for your wedding ceremony, but also for your post-ceremony function: a harp makes wonderful background music for your cocktail time, reception, wedding dinner, etc. So give yourself the Royal Treatment today and book a fine harpist for your special event!

You can watch this great interview and music by Claire on youtube.


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