Valentine’s Weekend Maui Weddings

Aloha! Played a wedding on Valentine’s Day, yesterday, at the Royal Lahaina Resort on the west side of Maui. This was the first time I’ve seen guests SO color-coordinated! *Everyone*, from baby to grandparents, wore Hilo Hattie design red and white aloha garments…. different garments for all the folks, but all sewn from the same material. The bride was in standard solid white with red finger nail polish and the groom wore a solid white tux, white shoes, and a red satin vest. WOW! Don and I played violin and harp duo again and we sounded really good today… spot on with our timing as usual, and really “into” our romantic, gorgeous selections from operas that so many people know, even if they think they don’t know classical music. “O Mio Babbino Caro” and “Intermezzo” from Cavalleria Rusticana were particularly thrilling.

On Saturday morning, I played for a sweet wedding at the White Orchid Beach House in Makena, Maui. That is such a superb spot right on the ocean and Bernie is a wonderful coordinator who really thrills in the romance of her couples. I played my smaller harp and always wonder why folks wouldn’t prefer, for a little extra, the large beauty that my gold harp is. It has such a rich tone, especially since it’s nearly 100 years old! I have realized I do love morning weddings, and that’s something coming from someone who got married at 7 pm 26 years ago this last week! I love that morning weddings bring these qualities here on Maui: the day is fresh and untouched, the water sparkles in jewel tones, the wind rarely blows strongly, and the sun is so much easier for everyone to take. Everyone’s morning energy is fresh and you can feel the anticipation much more keenly. Plus, then you have the whole day left to you to revel in your first day as a married couple. Wish we’d done that….

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