Wedding Harp Music – from Beyoncé to Bublé to Marx!

Wow! Recently I’ve had an assortment of special requests to play on my harp for Maui weddings! Two weeks ago I learned and played Michael Bublé’s Everything, this past weekend I was requested to learn Beyoncé’s Halo, followed two days later by three Marx Brothers tunes played by violin and harp for a very young couple who loved the old standards of the early 20th century. We performed Only You! for the maids’ processional, Ev’ryone Says ‘I Love You’ for the Bride’s Entrance, and When My Dreams Come True for the couple’s Recessional. Many folks who’ve heard us play the traditional classical wedding repertoire and standard love songs for years commented how much fun these Marx Brothers tunes were and that we should play them more! Maybe we will! 🙂

Celia and Don Perform Harp and Violin at Four Seasons

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